Thursday, December 11, 2014

we promise to be better at listing things

we will build better posts with more pictures and art and will really try to build a calendar of upcoming events ~ but right now things are a little heavy

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October was busy and warm and then wet ~

So my calendar skills suck the month is over and here's Octobers events

October 26, 2014 is the family fun filled pumpkin carving and 
                                   jack o'lantern stabb'n

 Friday October 31, 2014 join us as Pipxeaks transforms into
                                      a  haunted house.
     The ghost at table three will be waiting to serve you . . .                                     bwhaaa haaa haaa !

see you on the streets with eggs and candy and rain drops and smoke machines and screaming bats and bowls full of brains.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Paint your city Release and friends

September Pipxueak

so happy that Jazz Mom dropped off some art

some writers were in town

then Sissies Rule dropped a bunch of stickers off and we cried

found a turntable and played the shit out of it ! pipxueak / pipsqueak the space !

Friday, August 15, 2014

August kind of creeps up on ya !

so the sticker show has been slowly developing and the opening will be early September

will post again real soon to straighten this all out

so much is happening

check in again soon or check fb for info or come talk at the book fair xoxo

Sunday, June 29, 2014

July calender

alright the bike show slated for July is being hung now~ come by and drop something off

the bicycle as historical weapon will open the second Sunday of July seeing that everyone is leaving town

someone slipped a sticker under the door ! love ya~ August is NW sticker show

how about Wednesdays become S-F book club night ~ exploring the problem/s of the genre

they painted the sun !

Saturday, June 7, 2014

July call for art / August call for art !

 hey everyone out in the real world~ guess what ? Well pipsqueak is having a bike show/ bike shop in July ! this is an open call out for art submissions and art bikes and any old thing to do with bikes and bicycle living~ photography ! painting ! drawing ! performance dance ! drama ! & real life Bikes! bring it !

Attention NorthWest streets artists Pips is hosting a major sticker show for the month of August 2014
come by and talk or drop stickers off or under the door and we will hang them for you! if you would like to table for the opening ~ do it we have tables ! 

thanks for you visit
Pips ~

Saturday, May 3, 2014

May Calender / come in. . . get out. . . Art show

May 4th @ 3pm come see this art show ! with pie and crappy coffee and kids and new zines and police art critics !

Saturday, April 26, 2014

the end of April calender

April 26 @ 7:00 pm
Families F.I.R.S.T. (Friends Involved in Resistance to State Torture)
Monthly dinner for those with incarcerated loved ones to come together, support one another as families affected by the prison system, share knowledge of how to navigate various systems (i.e. CPS, prisoner health, visitation, packages, $ on books, etc.) and have an awesome dinner. Basic dinner provided but feel free to bring more food.

For Us Prison is Personal
Everyday families and communities are attacked; fathers, brothers, mothers and other loved ones are kidnapped by the state, tortured emotionally, psychologically, sexually and physically.
All of this is done under the illusion of “public safety” and accountability but as we well know, we become less and less safe with every family member we lose. No wrong is made right through the torture that is prison.
We know that we have to come together and build stronger communities in order to foster safety. That we must challenge the idea that our lives and those of our loved ones don’t matter, we must challenge their treatment and demand a change because our Families Matter.

***Chosen family is family, be it by necessity or strong connection you define family for yourself :)

April 27th 6-9 PM  Protest safety community workshop  w/


Insurgent Theatre will be performing Behind the Badge at Pipsqueak in Seattle!

Saturday May 17th 7:00 pm 

Behind the Badge: A Theatrical Examination of Police and Prison in America.

Written by Ben Turk
Directed by Kate Pleuss
Performed by Ben Turk with Colleen Hackett

– 90 minutes

What does it mean to be a compassionate, dedicated, humane police officer in the country with the world's highest incarceration rate and a continuing tradition of racial injustice? Insurgent Theatre brings audiences behind the badge of a neighborhood liaison officer, using stripped-down interactive theatre and a radical analysis to peer into the inner life of a man in blue.

On this tour we're going to be weaving Colleen/Firehawk's work with Elephant Circle in to the play. This will also be the first opportunity to get your grubby paws on Firehawk's excellent new zine on female incarceration and "rehabilitation".

More on Insurgent Theatre: Insurgent Theatre strives to connect performing arts with radical struggles, to make theatre that is relevant, engaging, challenging and useful for those who confront the US police state and global capitalist empire. We've been making original theatre since 2003 and frequently touring the country since August, 2008.

More on Elephant Circle: EC is a group led by women in prison that focuses on facilitating a systemic analysis of violence and victimization among incarcerated survivors of intimate partner violence. Colleen's work with the group will contribute to a discussion about transformative justice and include some of the poetry produced by women in the group.

MAY 17th Behind the Badge w/ Insurgent Theatre
Insurgent Theatre will be performing Behind the Badge at Pipsqueak in Seattle!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Queer & Rad Prisoner writing nite !

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Yes, Pipsqueak the art gallery / free space has a FaceBook page ! damn it !

Sunday, February 23, 2014

grand opening with bands and merch !