Sunday, June 29, 2014

July calender

alright the bike show slated for July is being hung now~ come by and drop something off

the bicycle as historical weapon will open the second Sunday of July seeing that everyone is leaving town

someone slipped a sticker under the door ! love ya~ August is NW sticker show

how about Wednesdays become S-F book club night ~ exploring the problem/s of the genre

they painted the sun !

Saturday, June 7, 2014

July call for art / August call for art !

 hey everyone out in the real world~ guess what ? Well pipsqueak is having a bike show/ bike shop in July ! this is an open call out for art submissions and art bikes and any old thing to do with bikes and bicycle living~ photography ! painting ! drawing ! performance dance ! drama ! & real life Bikes! bring it !

Attention NorthWest streets artists Pips is hosting a major sticker show for the month of August 2014
come by and talk or drop stickers off or under the door and we will hang them for you! if you would like to table for the opening ~ do it we have tables ! 

thanks for you visit
Pips ~