Sunday, May 24, 2015

Request hours at the Juvi {youth cage torture chambers }

 day 7 of the national week of actions against youth incarceration was so amazing~ people coming together to speak out against jail and juvie and so much power and spirit ! With carnival like games of skill and cathartic screaming !
 Thank you so much to all of our amazing wonderful powerful friends for coming to the defense of our youth trapped behind walls ~ kidnapped by the state~ tortured for being young and wild and attempting to~ daring to be free !
 With puppies
 and carny's teaching us how it's done in the street ! ACAB !

 come with us just once and listen to the young people inside these walls, as they ask us to play their favorite song, ask us to smash out their windows, ask us to call their children and tell them~ i love you , come with us one day, and cry your eyes out and know how incredibly horrible it is that prisons exist !  FIRE TO THE PRISONS, COURT, JUDGES, GUARDS and fuk da Police !

 we could see the faces of young people staring at us, asking us to play songs for them, asking us to meet them when they get out, asking us to call their loved ones, asking us to get them out~ come back at 9pm and play Tupac !
it was a very long week and exhausting trying to understand muffled voices requesting everything!


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