Tuesday, May 19, 2015

the kids yell back. . . Open the window !

 report back from the second night of actions against youth incarceration !  walked down to the juvie to ask the kids what they need, what songs they wanted us to play, to let them know that they were not alone ! and they screamed out ~ OPEN THE WINDOW !

                          thanks to Food Not Bombs we all had a great snack attack and picnic ~
 we built this sick sound system platform and rolled around taking requests and playing sounds for freedom !

                                kids and big kids drew messages of hope for our friends inside
                                                                   we took the streets

                                                                Fire To The Prisons !

                         Panel discussion of the school to prison pipeline ~ School is a carceral site !

4 more days of actions and so far our minds have been blow with the level of excitement and commitment to ending this horrible machine of prison and child torture ! see you all tonight ~!

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